Learning management system vendors

The Vital Role of the Vendor in the Learning Management Systems

Capability of Vendors
Learning Management System Vendors are highly technologically-oriented companies that particularly, specialize in office settings in quality control standards, efficiency features, and most are designed to manipulate tools and content on the web. It is profitable and advantageous as well for vendors to keep pace with the many technological advances on the web. Newly designed and more technically efficient Learning Management Systems are designed and presented to the public all the time. Vendors have to keep track of what the Learning Management Systems offer in terms of flexibility, analytics of learning, research capabilities, and overall efficiency, or improvement of efficiency in delivering information.
The vendor for the Desire2Learn Learning Management System has a share of 11 percent of the total market share.
Key Factors in Technological Delivery That Vendors Need to Be Aware of
The functionality of the Learning Management Systems is a key awareness feature for the vendor of the Learning Management Systems. It is essential to the vendor that the educational messages are delivered in trainings, in online courses, and on e-learning. Vendors have to be cognizant of the broader pictures in the educational field of endeavor. They have to be aware that the delivery of course content is efficient, that student enrollment is precise and an acceptable computer record, that tracking of learning bears understandable data, that the curriculum is based on what is currently being taught on online coursework, that student skills gaps are tracked, and monitored, and that there is accountability of learning models, that the Learning Management System is functioning by performance standards. The vendor has to know what platforms of development are being used. Vendors know, for instance that Java/J2EE and Microsoft are accepted throughout the Learning Management System and are sanctioned by vendors.
Information on Vendor Shares of the Total Learning Management Systems
Vendors of all types compete for parts of the Learning Management System. There are Learning Management Vendors, outsourcing and training vendors, and vendors that call themselves consulting firms. As high as 40 percent of all training being held in the United States is connected with Learning Management Systems. Vendors are aware that the most prevalent usage of Learning Management Systems is on the college level. The leading and most popular provider of Learning Management Systems is Blackboard. Indeed the Blackboard Company holds a share of 41 percent of the total market. The next most popular vendor is Moodle Company. The Moodle Company has a share of 23 percent of the total share of the vendor market. The next most popular vendor share is the Desire2Learn Learning Management System.